Production Support Services

Production transition usually involves a handover from the implemenation team to a long-term support team. Most projects hand-overs are minimal, if done at all. Many questions do not become obvious to the support team until well after the implementation team has moved on. Sabrix can help smooth the support transition.

Post-Production Support

Sabrix provides post-production support for ONESOURCE implementations. Sabrix applies tax rate updates, fields tax department questions, and troubleshoots tax-related issues. Our maintenance services keep your ONESOURCE system implementation up and running smoothly.


Sabrix personnel have designed and tested the ONESOURCE application, and we built ONESOURCE training curriculum. We are uniquely qualified to train your tax and systems teams on the ONESOURCE application. Training can be customized to your implementation and customized for your tax or systems teams.

Globegistcs offers advance training around advanced areas including:

Documentation Enrichment

A key piece for the long-term support is the functional documentation. On many projects, this documentation may be missing or incomplete especially if the project was running behind schedule. Sabrix can recreate configuration and integration documentation quickly. Sabrix can also evaluate configurations for adherance to industry best practices.